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Attached is about expanding the range of ways we engage our lives.

Opening our minds, emotions, bodies and souls

to experience the fullness of our multidimensional selves.


About Yakov

Rabbi Yakov Danishefsky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. He is the founder of Mind Body Therapy, a private group practice in a Chicago. Yakov has semicha and a Master’s in Jewish Philosophy from Yeshiva University and is a popular speaker, teacher, and author on the intersection of spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

He is the author of new book, Attached: Connecting to Our Creator, A Jewish Psychological Approach.


The Attached Podcast Series

Adding breadth and depth to everyday living.


Renown guests join Yakov for inspiring conversations related to his book.

Guided Meditations

User frienldy techniques for mindfulness and regulations.


Self-development through the classical ba’alei mussar.

Living With the times

Chassidus for the time period on the jewish calendar.


Understandable explanations of relevant psychological phenomena.

New Book

Discover how the Power of Attachment Can Transform Your Relationship with GOD

Available on Amazon, Mosaica Press, Feldheim,

and local Judaica bookstores.


Praise for Attached

Its profound, yet practical wisdom will inform, inspire, and encourage each of us to seek the path of attachment.

- Rabbi Moshe Weinberger
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